Rolling Thunder ®
NY Chapter 5
Albany, New York

2015 Meeting Dates:
fourth Wednesday Of every Month
7:00pm at the
Polish American Citizens Club
110 Commerce Ave. ,Albany,NY
When one American is not worth the effort to be found, we as Americans have lost.
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This will also be RTNY5 's monthly meeting for February.
Rolling Thunder XXVIII

MAY 24, 2015

Assembly area north Pentagon Parking lot  8:00 a.m. The actual run starts at 12:00, Sunday,

"The Run" is the world's largest one-day event with over one million participants!

For info related to the run, check out the following links:

• Rolling Thunder, Washington, DC., Inc., website link -

see you there RTNY5
RTNY5 continuing to do
the right thing and carry
on the mission of our
organization. Here sits the
missing man chair installed
today at the Times Union
Center. This project would
have not been possible
without the Tri County
Council of Vietnam Era
Veterans help. NEVER