Rolling Thunder ® , Inc. NY Chapter 5
Calendar of Events
Thank You All Bikers !
We Care Ride and Rolling
Thunder want to let
you all know that Joe was
overwhelmed by the
show of love and support
we showed him
Monday at the escort.
Bikers for the Bravest will
ride again September 9th.
Please follow
for more events coming soon.
To those of you could not
attend and
were with us in heart and
we will see you next time.

Please check out the links
below for more information.
We care ride
Fantastic turnout !
Hundreds of bikes.
Lot's of support from
Fire and law
agencies. Also, many
groups and assorted
motorcycle clubs.
These WWll vets
deserve our thanks
and you gave it to
them ! Just to see the
look on their faces as
you applauded for
them worth it. THANK
YOU ALL !!!!
A " Thank you " to all the riders
who came out to support Home 4
Joe and RTNY5's efforts to raise
funds for Joe. It was a huge
success .About 100 bikes and
about $4300 was raised for Joe.
There may have been a few
damp bodies. But, there weren't
any damp spirits.
A special thanks to Darcy
for all her work in helping
set up the event and Grizz
for a fine job leading the
The highlight of the day was
Grizz's  magnificant dive (jump ,
Fall , or push) into the lake for
$383 donation !
SSome of the clothing that was donated.Sme of the
clothing that was donatee
16 people spent the night in freezing weather to promote this
worthy cause. Because of their dedication to our veterans,
they contributed greatly to the success of this cause.
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